We're Serious About Efficiency

Engineered For Energy Efficiency

Our hot tubs and swim spas are engineered with simple ideas the yield great results

Passing The Energy Efficiency Test

Hydropool is transparent about energy efficiency: We show how our collections fared in the California Energy Commission (CEC) tests so you can judge for yourself. The CEC has the strictest guidelines for energy consumption in the world and every Hydropool hot tub and swim has been engineered to meet or exceed CEC guidelines. So you can be assured when you buy from Hydropool, you are getting the most energy-efficient hot tubs and swim spas built today.

The Hydrowise ThermalShield System

Our insulation system first traps the heat like a triple-paned window, then reflects that heat to the water area, warming your water rather than wasting energy. The system is ingeniously designed to best use the 1.5 kW of “waste heat” generated by the motor inside the cabinet.

Our Triple Thermal Shield Technology, on the pipework, cabinet and floor, employs a reflective foil on the side of the hot tub that reflects the heat back into the unit and a black side on the outside of the pipes designed to absorb heat. It all combines to save you money and energy.

Self-Cleaning Saves Money and Energy

Your Hydropool hot tub filters 100 percent of the water in only 15 minutes and only 40 minutes in swim spas. That’s eight times in two hours and the most efficient and effective way to clean in the world. How do we do it? Because we engineer our hot tubs and swim spas to have less time operating but make the absolute most of that time.

Our low amp Evergreen Pumps are designed to produce high flow rates with low energy consumption, making them 26 percent more efficient than our competition.

We’ve Got You Covered

The Hydrowise Heat Shield Cover was made in Canada and designed to handle Canadian winters. It’s four inches thick in the middle and tapers to three inches on each end, with an insulated baffle along the fold area of the cover, where most energy can be lost. Heat rises, so 80 percent of heat can be lost through the cover. But not with Hydropool!

Re-Inventing the Vent

Hydrowise Thermal Vents maximize energy efficiency all year round. Exterior vents allow hot air within the spa to be released in the summer, saving any strain on your pumps by avoiding overheating. And in the winter? By closing the vents, heat is trapped inside, which allows it to warm your water instead of being wasted energy.